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About Psychic & Energy Work
Background and Experience

Fran Davidson has been working as a psychic and energy worker since 1992.  Always highly sensitive to her surroundings, in the early 90’s she decided to develop this as a skillset.

Fran uses her abilities to tune into the world of the invisible to help people understand why, when and how things are happening, if not move through them and heal.  There is no limit to the world of energy; it is the mind and one’s focus which shape and confine our ability to live in it.  Fran’s approach is one of openness and problem-solving.  Questions are encouraged.

Experience includes:

        face-to-face and distance consultations (via telephone, mail or internet);

       mentoring and teaching (spiritual & psychic development, meditation, healing techniques);

        public speaking;

        working on radio & internet; and

        writing articles that have been published in Australia and overseas.

As a psychic and energy worker, Fran is clairaudient, clairvoyant and clairsentient - ie, she hears, sees and feels things.  The guidance Fran aims for at any time could be defined as “absolute goodness”.  The specific ‘level’ that comes through varies depending on the client and the issue at hand, but tends always to be accurate, understandable and comprehensive.  Fran is continually studying metaphysics and energy work in order to develop her skills further.

Psychic and Energy Work can be performed face-to-face (for people based in Sydney, Australia) or from a distance.  Fran already works with people across Australia, in Northern Europe, the UK, Israel, Malaysia, New Zealand and the USA.  The fact that you are not present at a session makes no difference to the quality of the information that comes through.  Put together with the fact that you can ask questions having received and heard your reading, working with Fran at a distance does not pose a problem.



List of Services


Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience



people, houses, places, things


Healings, Bodywork & Balancing

chakras, aura, physical body, skeletal system, meridians, ancestral, kundalini, rebirthing


Readings, Psychometry, Numerology


Pets & Animals


Spiritual Development, Guidance, Counselling


Mentoring, Coaching, Teaching

one on one, groups, face to face or distance


Presentations, Demonstrations

Public Speaking


Earth Work, Indigenous Elders, Divining

clearing earth energies, healing, meridians


Distance Healings and Readings


Getting Clear / Connecting to Source

astral clearing, psychic self-defence, body shifting, choosing your level of energy


Spirit Work

deceased loved ones, ancestry, ghosts, entrapments, moving spirit on




Past Life Work

readings, healings, regression, release


Connecting to Self / Distilling Your Vision

preparing to manifest, grow and receive


Kabbalah & You as an Energy Grid


How it Works

Once you have determined the type of psychic and energy work that appeals to you, contact Fran by clicking on the “Contact & Inquiries” button to the left of this screen.  In your initial email, please provide an overview of the issue(s) and/or question(s) you want Fran to focus on.  Fran will confirm her ability to assist you as soon as possible and may ask you a few questions to determine your exact requirements.  From there, a quote is given and the session is booked in.

If Fran is not confident that she can assist you, she will advise you at this time.

Readings can be done face-to-face (in Sydney, Australia) or at a distance (via post, internet or telephone), all of which are just as effective.  Having the client at a distance can actually benefit the session, especially if s/he is very mind-oriented or anxious.  Long distance readings are also a great gift idea.

Payment is required before the session is conducted and can be made via PayPal, cheque or money order.  You will be asked for your preference at the time session details are being confirmed (above) and be asked to prepay from there.  Having received your payment, Fran aims to send your session to you within a week’s turnaround.  Please allow a longer time if you wish to have tapes/CD’s sent via mail.

Commonly Used Services


Fran can read on all sorts of subjects, be they of this world or another; past, present or future.  They can be for curiosity’s sake or for specific problem solving.  There is no set format or list of questions and clients are encouraged to be as open as they can.  A reading can cover all sorts of subjects (refer to the list above for examples or click on "List of Services" to the left of this screen).  Readings can also be tailored to help develop a person’s psychic, spiritual or meditative skills.

To conduct a session, Fran just tunes in to guidance to receive a download.  Psychometry using a physical object (eg, photograph, piece of jewellery) can also be useful, as is a person's date of birth.  That said, it’s up to the client as to what type of reading they have and whether they present any physical cues.  Items can be returned after the session at the client's expense. 

Numerology readings are also available - on individuals, partnerships or groups - as is spiritual mentoring.  For numerology readings, the client is asked to provide their full birth name together with questions/issues and date of birth.

Readings are recorded as a norm so that the client can revisit them (on cassette tape, CD or .mp3 file).  Clients are encouraged to ask questions during and after the session to ensure the visit is of maximum benefit.


Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing is the use of universal energies to help a person move obsolete, redundant or negative energies from their physical or energetic being. 

Spiritual healing is not about religion, belief systems or indoctrination.  The term ‘spiritual healing’ denotes the level of guidance or energy used – that which comes from asking for the perfect healing for the client and situation at hand.  It can be compared with reiki and other modalities, although all are slightly different and worth considering.  Clients generally leave feeling freer, lighter, more balanced and clearer.

Spiritual healing can involve ‘hands-on’ (putting the hands directly onto the client’s body) and/or auric-level work.  It can also be conducted more as a meditation, where the client sits upright and receives the healing directly.  Fran usually starts her healing work at the meditative or auric level, given that so much can be cleared and released here, and moves to hands-on only as needed. 

Healings can involve the aura, chakras, meridians or other parts of one’s energetic body.  They can also involve other things (click on "List of Services" to the left of this screen for more details).  The client can nominate to have the session taped, which can be useful when one is learning how to meditate or clear. 

All sorts of things can be addressed in a healing - past life issues, future or current.  Balance, relationships, stuckness, confusion, negativity - healings can help many things.


Past Life Work

Past life readings can be done for curiosity’s sake although they are far more beneficial when conducted to understand and resolve current life issues.  They can focus on one life or issue specifically, or involve a multi-life voyage.  How it is conducted depends on the client and the questions s/he asks.

Past life work can also be energetic/meditative in form, where the client makes the journey his/herself with some help.  The format of the session is akin to creative visualisation and can be taped if the client desires it. 


Other Spirit / Energy Work

Put simply, we live in a world of energy and all of us, in our own way, experience ‘things’ be they ghosts; deceased loved ones and relatives; seeing, hearing or sensing things; picking up the thoughts or feelings of animals or earth; or  something else....  The list is endless.

Whilst there is little likelihood of knowing everything, there is a chance that - for whatever you are experiencing - Fran can help you understand what is going on, why it is there and how to work with it, so as to operate in this the human world effectively.


Teaching, Mentoring, Demonstrations & Public Speaking

Fran has been demonstrating and speaking on psychic, energetic and spiritual subjects since 1999 and is well-practised in this area.  Experience includes training and mentoring one-on-one through to large development groups. 

Fran holds a Certificate IV in Workplace Training & Assessment and is also a Tutor with the South Australian Spiritual Healing Association (SASHA).  As such, she is qualified to audit, train, assess and mentor people with psychic and energetic ability. 

The format of teaching/mentoring programs will vary significantly depending upon the client’s needs and objectives.  Please contact Fran to discuss your requirements directly.

Please note that the consumption of alcohol and other recreational substances can make it very difficult for energy work to be safely and effectively conducted.  If you are aware that your event will involve such activities, it is best that you find an alternate practitioner.

What this site aims to achieve

Psychic and Energy Work as a website provides:

      psychic and energetic consultancy for people looking for readings, healings, spirit work, past life work, numerology - indeed, assistance with anything to do with the world of the invisible;

      guidance and mentoring for those who are energetically sensitive - ie, those who see, hear or feel "things";

      definitions for terms commonly used in the world of psychic and energetic phenomena;

      information about energetic sensitivity and how to live with it; and

      a list of other practitioners and organisations who help mentor, heal and educate in the areas of spiritual phenomena and/or development


As a service, Psychic and Energy Work seeks to empower individuals as they make their way through the maze of energetic phenomena and spiritual development as independent adults.  Given that hardcopy roadmaps are rarely provided before the journey begins, this service aims to help clarify what can occur in the world of the invisible, confirm (or negate) that which is being experienced and provide guidance about how to practically work with it.  This is not a site that promotes dependence or ego.  Clients are continually encouraged to test, research and think for themselves, so as to arrive at the way of being that is truly their own.

Some Parameters

Regarding religion...

Psychic and Energy Work is non-religious, meaning that different perspectives on spirituality and religion are respected at all times.  Whilst there may not always be agreement on the details, this site acknowledges the right of each person to their beliefs and the fact that the evolution of such things can only come out of experience, personal development and time.  This site does not seek to distract or convert visitors away from their current belief systems nor does it cater to those who wish to discuss religion &/or the role that psychic and energy work plays within religious contexts.  People seeking such dialogue are asked to refrain from sending emails of such nature, as they will not be acknowledged.


Regarding mental health...

This site does not compete with the mental health profession nor the role it plays within today's world.  Indeed, if everyone (no matter how 'sane') received regular counselling, we could well have a more balanced world....  That said, energetic sensitivity and the experience of energetic phenomenon does not necessarily mean 'mental illness'.  They are completely different stances energetically and it is important that those who are energetically sensitive receive the correct type of care.  It is this writer's firm belief that energy workers and mental health modalities can and should work in tandem with the energetically sensitive, so as to deliver optimal support as the client makes their way through life's maze.  Psychic and Energy Work is not a substitute for mental health services and - for want of a far better way of saying it - only caters to those who can function in the everyday world.


Regarding minors...

Given the nature of the work involved, this website is targeted at an adult audience.  Whilst minors are always welcome to ask questions about the world they live in, Psychic and Energy Work requires the formal consent of a parent/legal guardian before any work with people under 16 years of age can begin. 


If you have any questions regarding the above, please contact Fran via the "Inquiries & Feedback" button to the left of this screen.
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